I Cheated & Passed My 12th Board Exams….How & Why?

Hey Guys,

This is a story that some of you gonna trust or some of you won’t

But let me get straight to the point.

Neither I want anyone of you to attempt the same thing I did nor I’m writing this to convey a message which makes you feel lost in the clouds.

Look as a Middle-class family the only discussion we bring to the table when it comes to kids is education because trust me our parents don’t know a shit what it is but they’re putting a hell a lot of effort to make us sail through the tidy waves.

I know now you have a double sided opinion about me, maybe I like my parents or maybe I don’t but let me take all that from the floor & mop it with some lavender to make it seem fresh.


The story almost starts from the day I landed in the shape of Homo Sapiens in this holy crap called “Earth”.

[Please Don’t Judge]

But after a lot of struggle in which I haven’t done anything but If I won’t tell you that did the struggle would you be interested in this story??



So, Yeah that struggle took me to a beautiful city name as “Bikaner” along with my family.

I had a good school, some goofy class-fellows, a computer to watch porn, a big clean place to destroy & OfCourse my instincts which always said that you’ll be successful one day.

How I Survived my 25 Years with that thought in the back of my head

I was a dumped piece of crap when it comes to “Studies” to be really honest with you I have always Looked for a loophole through which I can find my way to Cheat in Exams.

& Luckily I was In a Private School with a Reputation of being the #2 School or Probably the #1 in the city.

And trust me no one wants to mess with an exponentially growing graph when it comes to business.

and That’s How Ladies & Gentlemen I Passed my 11th Grade.

By the way here is the step-by-step process what happened:

  • Failed in Chemistry
  • School Called our Parents [I was not the only one]
  • We wrote an dramatic apology letter [To the Principal OfCourse]
  • Next day I was sitting in 12th Grade

Like yesterday I never thought about that it would be that easy to pass the exam.

Eventually, Book Of Mathematics was asking me what was my fault that you dropped those Full of Elasticity, direction-less dancing wet Parle-G’s On Me?

To be honest I didn’t have an answer but I wanted to do the Justice with “MATHEMATICS”

Thus, I failed In Maths In 12th

& Now “MATHEMATICS” is even more Offended.

Let me tell you the truth

He was never full of life, I saw him in the hand of “Ramu” [Our Mathematics Tuition Teacher] always complaining, Lost in complex situations of life and never ready to co-operate.

It’s Like his Ex. I Ditched him.


Now the Chase back to “Board Exams”

Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics where the next one back-to-back after English at the 1st Date.

[OfCourse we had some 3-4 Days Off Between the Exams]

I never get the point of getting these prep days between the Exams. It seems like you’ll end up breaking up with your GF but you got 3 Days to write your Break-up Script or Maybe you can plan a Murder If you belong to the Ruling Party haha


You know while most of my class-mates were doing their revisions on the Syllabus during those prep-days between the exam.

I was figuring it out Which God to Trust More

I was looking Online for this…

Well the Ones who seems to have more influence in society to me are “Hanuman” “Shiva” “Jai Mata Di” “Jai Shri Ram”

But this guy “INDRA”

I didn’t had a clue about him until I Googled it.

Now the Real Challenge was not to Cover-up the Syllabus But to Find a Temple Where I can have a Meeting with “INDRA” and Propose a deal on my behalf.


Luckily, I got a call from the Auto-Driver who use to drive us to the school sometime when the Winter is coming.


He: Whats up
Me: Nothing…
He: You Seems Worried
Me: Yes
He: May God will help you
Me: Which one?
He: Satti Mata
Me: What?
He: Yes…
Me: Which god is this?
He: The one which has an Influence in our life.
Me: Really…
He: Yes
Me: I Can meet with Her
He: Yes…Come Over

That day I figured it out that India has more then 33 Crore God & Goddess

Also, Influence of a particular God depends on the Number Twitter or Facebook Followers along with the number of Temples

& They Have have there Own Parliament as well


I reached there and I made a deal with the Goddess that If you help me Pass 12th Grade….I’ll do this ….I’ll do that…..I’ll also do that

[My promises I don’t even Remember because I made too many of them]

And It was a win-win Situation for her

Next-Day I went to Exam hall which was about 3 KM’s from my home but I was still Nervous and Thinking of what If She fails to deliver?

What If she didn’t able to find my room or roll no.??

I Heard the bell & Exams Started right at 9:30 AM

I guess I was not the only one who was praying in that room when I Looked back haha

To be clear I didn’t have any Chits, or Cheating material with me because that’s not who I’m

On the left side, there was a girl who was making a Diagonal with me and the bench was soo close that I see what she was writing.

Thanks to the govt. policies because If govt. had invested enough they must had some more space & good benches.


Board Examiners are so Crap people that they make paper into 4 sets but with the same questions also you don’t have to write them sequence wise also we had a difference of almost 6-7 Roll Numbers.

Also I knew that the Examiners were paid 30 Rupees per answer sheet to get checked

For them it’s a money making opportunity

more copies you’ll check more money you gonna make

So it was like I was single for a long time & Suddenly someone shows up & says will you marry me?


I Just Started & Didn’t stopped until 12:30 PM

Also, She was so co-operative that next day I made a deal with her that she will slide down the answer sheet a bit on the ride side and I’ll Copy.

  • Girl was supportive
  • The attendant was watching porn in his smart-phone [My Assumption haha]
  • & I was super fast

But there was a thing that I saw in-between which was a Sparrow came in our room & sat on the fan

I saw her

She saw me

& Then she left after 20 Minutes

For me, it seems like it was the Goddess or maybe one of his loyal worker whom she sent to have a look at the situation.


Exam Finished…

All my friends were out with a snake face & I was the one with Mongoose

Reached back home called that guy

He: How’s your exam?
Me: It went well
He: Look I told you she has Local Influence here
Me: yeah…you were right she came there in a shape of Sparrow
He: She can go anywhere in any shape
Me: that’s true

After 3 days of Preparation we went to the exam hall again.

It is “CHEMISTRY” this time

Same Situation
Same Room
Same Girl
Same Attendant
Same Sparrow
Same Thing Happened

I was over the moon after finishing the exam

Now, It’s the last Battle which was waiting for me


In Physics & Chemistry I did study a bit but mathematics I didn’t even look at it

Although for 2 years straight I went to Ramu’s Tuition Classes

Too early at 6 in the morning during winters as well

But Nothing happening

Because I always Had this confusion that how we will define it that which formula we have to use to solve this equation

[Because each question has a different formula]

Although for me the Exam Girl was there to help.

So, The day Came

I went to the exam hall and

  • Rooms were changed
  • Attendant was Changed
  • The girl had Biology rather Mathematics
  • Sparrow didn’t showed-up

Basically, I was Fucked

I don’t know what I wrote in the exam but I ended up with Only 6 Number out of 100 which was a sort of Achievement for me

& That’s why

“MATHEMATICS” was unhappy with me until now.

Although Now I don’t give a damn shit about it


Luckily “Physical Education” Saved my ass as it helped me pass my 12th Grade.

So, It was a Strategical cheating in board exams in which god has an equal contribution

It’s totally not my fault

Also I feel this way that we have been trained in a way to do things at school

Because the real education is having the freedom of studying what you want to not what you have to

Let’s Educate people & make them aware rather than just making them trained

I Hope you got the point here


As of now, You have been through the whole story & You clearly understand what happened, why it happened & What I did wrong.


I won’t try to be a Guru here but at-least I would say this you must give it a try haha


That you must give a try to something which makes you feel “YOU” rather than being indulging with some sort of influencing stuff

Having an Influence won’t changing anything but having it in a direction-less manner will change alot for you

Don’t Admire
Don’t Desire
& Don’t be a Liar

Not to others but to yourself

I hope you’ll share some of your experience in the comment box because I’m dying to read some funny incidents happened with all of you guys.

or maybe a simple feedback comment as an token of gesture 😛



My Name is Rahul Sihmar & I'm a Social Media Branding Consultant, Explorer & Pragmatic Human Being. I'm documenting my Journey & Sharing the outcomes via my Blog, YouTube, Instagram & Twitter.

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  1. Trupti

    Haha.. nice one
    Like u .. I had too fearness of English paper.. I don’t know how hard I try, still I don’t get good score… By God bless I qualified the paper (just pass.. like passing mark is 33 n I scored 35 ?).

    I too offered offerings (various types) to god ( various gods).. .. I got so feared that I started crying in the examination hall…

    So I would suggest… If u take things as burden than things will turn difficult… So try to stay calm and for parents please don’t put so much pressure upon your children to score best marks…bcz every individual is born with different speciality..

    1. haha

      It happens but yeah it’s true as well that It was one of the fears of me during that time but you made a good point here regarding pressurizing a kid for a certain exam or preparation of an exam.

      & Glad that you made it to 35 hahaha because for me it was just 06 which was the best lol

      1. Vishal patel

        I also cheatead in 12 th science board Exams in Gujarat.
        I get
        35 maks in mathematics
        71 marks in Physics &
        70 marks in Chemistry.
        Actually, I’m unable to cheat in Mathematics paper due to board squad, so I get only 35 marks in mathematics.
        We mass copy by micro cheats in physics & chemistry paper.

          1. Vishal patel

            No, teachers are not strict.

  2. Shivansh singh

    Same situation same curse in the name of mathematics yes it was curse for me as it seems to me and I realized it when I start my graduation yes I dropped my graduation that was groundbreaking situation for me but yes when I place myself in that place where I am a graduate and rubbing my ass on the chair feels like sitting on the cactus tree placing my well nourchred butt hahaha .Now it seems ok to reminding me the decision which I took after getting backlogs in mathematics in 1st year , second year as well as 3 Rd year the reason was straight I was not even figure it out why am I doing this what will I get after Integrte , differentiate is it really will worth full for me ,,
    finding the answer for these questions took my complete three years of graduation when I finally realize that this is not something that I really wanted to do it was a rough decision to quit but I took that decision … sometimes I just think why do we can’t switch after trying one thing if it is not suitable for me there was no one at that time to ask me whether you are liking this trade or not if not then we have an alternate plan for you ..you can gave it try or just analyse it does it suits to you or not….
    Incident during 2nd year of mathematics exam paper (2)
    after getting a backlog I didn’t want to get another so I console myself to do it by hook or crook so I landed upon an idea to make mini cheats (mini chits is a zerox copy printed in a very small letters )so for that I have to go to the Xerox shop I went there but could not collect guts to ask him to print a mini Xerox for me I returned to my place and tried it by myself to make a handmade mini chit this was the fucking first time for me there was trick to write which side you have written which answer you have to memorize those things also.
    When my friend where revising there sums chapter by chapter I was making notes for the exam Hall hahaha
    On the exam day I was clueless where to put those chits
    After thinking some ideas I place some of those under my belt , remaining in my socks,.And I was feeling like an undercover agent after putting those chits I was like I am hiding guns and granade it was same way my heartbeats was bumping like a hell.
    I went to exam Hall and place my butt on the 2nd bench where my roll no was assigned already and there was only one allowed to sit on one bench.
    Almost passed half an hour of starting the exam I was gazing to my friends fans(celling fans) and towards my answer sheet whenever I glare at the question paper I was feeling in the same way I have made an eye contact with my crush the heart started beating like hell..after few minutes it was normal
    And then after 15-20 minutes those who have guns and granades(chits)put out and started to write like a pro but buddy I was a noob I was not even able to collect gutts to put out my guns and granades and this laid me to get another backlog in math in both paper(1)and paper(2)
    Until I get my self in third year I was used to fail in maths so I even not able to give it a try to take granade and guns to the exam Hall hahaha
    So. I decided to solve problems on my own I gave my focus towards maths from the starting of the session but it was hard to match when you haven’t focused from the last 2 years and this was not a movie and I was not a movie cast who has always a happy ending so I get backlog again in maths….and I was just expecting someone to give me Noble in maths hahaha

    As Rahul bhaiya you said education is learning something which you want not which you have to….
    So I found something which certainly suited me let’s see what will happen in future …..and a heart full thanx to you to guide me when I was broke….love you Rahul Bhai??

    1. Mathematics was a Pain in ass for a lot of people couldn’t agree more on this haha

      Yeah, I can imagine the situation through you was going at that time because I have been to that time.

      haha making chits was the idea I never gave a try to don’t know why and worst when you can’t use them while having them with you lol

      It’s true the meaning of real education is an illusion nowadays where all educational institution only produce trained robots rather than creative minds

      I’m always to help brother…..anytime 🙂

  3. Neeraj Kashyap

    Now it’s my turn ……thke 5th tak hi tha phla school……fir papa ne admission kraya next school me, it was of the best school in the city, I mean in both terms in study and in ladaiyan and all that extra stuff. I was a bit afraid, I told my father papa dekh lijiye dusre me lele admission?
    He said “beta pdhna hi toh he” it all depends on you…..
    Shoi bhi bola…..
    Everyone ignores me until they talk to me or see my handwriting and exam copy….I was a hardcore introvert….Haan ka answer haan aur nah ka answer nah…..
    Introvert in dealing with people, but I love to share my ideas, thoughts and intelligence….not with everyone, if someone ask what will be the answr of this……no matter I will be right or wrong but I always love to try and most of the times I won….I only had one either be on top or get yourself out of the whole list……
    Everything was going fine until……my 8th class teacher made a mistake, at that time sections they were dividing sections and thrown me in the D section of defaulters……my whole frinds are seperated now……I was in class that was more than horrified for me…….
    You know what’s the scenario of the class everybody was back bencher there…..aur starting ki 2 benches chor kr hi betha krte the….me achaa student tha pr prefer back bench hi krta tha…..after spending two days …..I talked to my father…..and cried a lot ….ki mjhe usss class me daal diya he me kya kru…..
    My father went there and talked to that teacher, she said humne ise isiliye wha kiya he kyuki ye un bachcho ko pdha ske aur me shi target tha……then my father convinced me …
    Me un logo ka dost ban gya jo school me hi nhi, ghar pr, city me, area me bhi bht bade defaulters the…….Sabke papa rich the toh unko koi tension nhi thi (tab tak toh nhi thi)
    Then start hua mera use they used me for making their assignements….ek nhi…poore year ke aur ek bande ke nhi 2-3 bando ke……copies bnana unki …unko cheating krana….unki gaaliya sunna mazak me…..
    they all are my friends now, I mean hardcore friends…….ab maine copies aur assignment bnana band kr diya tha unlogo ka main focus tha mere through CTs and exams me paas hona…..10th tak sab hue me bhi 10 CGPA laaya….
    After that I became one of that, means of the deafulters of the school…..2 saal sirf apne aap ko kharab krne me lgaye…….when I was failed only I knows that I’m going to failed …even my friends were in shock that hows it possible?
    For my father it was more than heart breaking….You cannot imagine that…..I saw my father crying first time in my entire life…..And trust me while writing this, my whole eyes is filled with after remembering that moments……
    He never gave up on me ……..he said beta 5 years hi kyu na lage pr krna pdega…..I again took a attempt and got passed on the edge……After that I took admission in college….Where I bounced back again….but this is not it…..It;s just a short part of my long story…..
    “I am just a looser who is not ready to give up”………Met a lot of people…. who always used me and using me now also…..”me sabka dost tha aur hu pr mera ek bhi nhi”……
    College me achaa tha sab pr wo memories haunted bhi he aur golden bhi……I somewhere read that ” तजुर्बे ना पूछो मुझसे ज़िन्दगी के, उम्र मेरी शर्मिंदा हो जाएगी”
    Log aate he yaar….as I told you I’m an introvert…sab me whi ek banda dikhta he jisse me sab bol sku…… pr wo apna kaam krate he aur fir me kaun aur wo kaun….aur bhi bht he…..

    1. Aha the story started with something & then it went to totally the other way haha

      You became one of them because you were at the peak of puberty at that time which can easily influence you to take any decision that you never wanted to

      I can imagine seeing your father in that condition

      Also, I don’t think soo you were even a Looser.

      You were a winner & You’re a winner as long as you’ll live you’ll be a winner.

      It’s just that you went with the wrong Influence which took you maybe 1-2 years back but I’m sure you’re hustling…grinding and working on yourself right now.

      Don’t worry the black clouds will move & sunshine will come again 🙂

      When it comes to friends don’t think much because people who love humanity & are humble enough are happy with their own soul.

      As you’re a Creative one & You also write……Say everything with your Pen 🙂

      1. Neeraj Kashyap

        Yes, even I was thinking that I took it to the wrong way…..but no worries atleast I tried……Now I know I can write…

  4. Deepak singh

    Ohh bhai ,I also just passed in mathematics . Imagine a student who has take mathematics in higher secondary got 36 marks in mathematics ??.and remember we tore the mathematics books in half before few days of the exam .

    1. I Remember that time brother & I hope I’ll write some more stories back from the school days.

      Also, I would need your help in that to make them presentable & Actually re-imagine those 2 years that we spent together.

      and Yeah It’s quite painful to stuck with something.

      You passed the exam
      I Moved

      We’re almost on the same page now haha

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