Hitchhiking With Nephew Of A Kashmiri Militant

One sunny Morning I Decided to travel & then in a couple of hours

I was standing on the roadside looking-up for someone who can give me a ride until the next city.

I had the Sign-board along with me

One truck stopped by

I Jumped in and the jibber-jabber begins

[For the Story let’s assume One was Sam & Other one was John]

First sequence was:

I asked them the Questions & They answered it


They started telling their life stories & I got to know that Sam’s Uncle was a Kashmiri Militant who is dead now.

Well, anyone who heard the word Militant

Must have gotten Goose-Bumps


It was the truth

A couple of hours ago I was sitting at home with an idea of traveling & now I’m traveling with someone who’s Uncle was a Kashmiri Militant.

Sam is living in Chandigarh with his wife but he’s natively from Kashmir

As he Told me about his Uncle


He Smiled


[This isn’t a fun Question]

He said our house is like 20 KMs from the Border

Imagine in the middle of a night someone comes-in with a gun and says they want stay for a night or soo

& If we deny they’ll kill us


I Said

Well, there is only 1 option I must have at this situation and that’s what anyone would certainly do

Further he told me that they were scared from people on both sides of Border

to which I asked But You’re Living in India


“to which he relied”

Imagine I’m coming to your house & Threatening you to death with a gun in my hand If you tell anyone


If we don’t tell the ARMY

Imagine what our situation would be

They Start Doubting you for everything even when you’re not involved in most of the things

[Before I Speak again]

He said my question is this

I’m Indian….I Live In India, my house is 20 KMs away from the Border & almost 50% of Indian Army is based In Jammu & Kashmir

Then how could these terrorists from across the border be able to enter that far in our country?

Seriously I was not able to reply him back.

Then I asked but Your Uncle was a Militant?

To which he said “SO WHAT”??

I said “Isn’t it a serious thing”??

to which he asked me

Have faced any Police cases yet? Or have you entered a court room yet?

I said “NO”

He said Just because of other people who are “Terrorist”, “Militants” or we don’t even know who they are what they do.

We have to face un-necessary circumstances and they keep Indulging us in all these Issues again & again.

We lose our work due to this
We lose track of our life
We can’t feed our family

Tell me, with all these things going on and all that frustration in mind what would a normal person gonna do?

I didn’t have any Answer

He kept telling more, & said

We say “Good Night” daily to the firing sound that we hear nearby & wish that we’ll wake up again tomorrow

Me: I have never been in such situation ever in my life

I was doing some research & reading articles most of them show that now even Educated Young Guys are becoming Militants in Kashmir

So, Basically I didn’t have any Answers

But I’m my Defence I asked him a Question Again.

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He said look at me I’m not a Stone-Pelter and neither I’m that much educated & I’m from Kashmir


I’m driving this truck since last 12 Years from Chandigarh To Bengaluru to feed my family and I’m out of Kashmir

Apart from Tourism in Kashmir, there are not many opportunities to work there and that’s why almost every Kashmiri Guy Who wants to do something has to Leave Kashmir.


Those Stone-Pelter some of them are intrigued by Local Politicians & Some are in the group because they don’t have much to do

If some employment options are given to those individuals I can Guarantee you that you won’t see much of them standing there & doing that thing at all.

Me: I was not Convinced from his answers but I guess there was some truth in it at-least

That’s what I felt.

When I asked him about his Family.

He said he has a Daughter & she loves him alot

Although he’s mostly away from her due to the work

& Also he Wants his daughter to join “Air Force” serve the country when she will be Young


Suddenly I heard the Truck Break Sound

We Stopped at a Roadside “Dhabba” for a Cup of Tea

He didn’t let me Pay for that

& I asked him that Most people say that Truck Drivers are Killers …not good at all & don’t ever travel with them..What do you think??

To which he Replied

Well, That you decide because right now you’re traveling in a Truck haha

When I think back now & see the conversation we had at that time

I see it as an the Most meaningful talk that I have ever had in my life

Well I left that Truck almost after 3 Hours but look I’m still there as I’m writing about it

This is what I call Meaningful Talk

& this is not only what we talked about we had a chat about our friends, family, and our past life.

Although during my time in the truck he told me & showed one of the biggest sources of corruption in the country happens

Which was regional “RTO” Border Check-Post

& I did some research & found it that a few states are closing it’s “RTO” Border Check Posts to Curb Corruption as per “THE NEW INDIAN EXPRESS”

Although I experienced it more than 4-5 Times in my life

So, I’m planning to write an Article about it soon


Not Because of that truck experience I’m writing this article but it’s me/myself who thinks that every area of the country & every person of the country should be treated equally.

I’m not making a statement here or trying to criticize any official or policymakers but I’m just sharing my own experience.


The New India was built on the ideology of Mahatma Gandhi which says speak truth & fight peacefully with everything or anything.

I’m doing the same here by being a voice for that guy.

I hope you guys have enough courage to share this article with your family & friends

See ya!!


My Name is Rahul Sihmar & I'm a Social Media Branding Consultant, Explorer & Pragmatic Human Being. I'm documenting my Journey & Sharing the outcomes via my Blog, YouTube, Instagram & Twitter.

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  1. Shivansh singh

    It’s really a serious issue I am not an expert on Kashmir issue but sometimes I just think that government should have some other way to tackle the problem they should have to look into the root cause of the issue that is the making resources for the kashmiri people there are much more to promote not only tourism.
    Even the government and army also thinking in that way as in 2018 one statement of bipin rawat then army chief clearly reflects the idea of peace as he made a significant statement on Jammu and Kashmir, wherein, he rooted for peace as the only way to improve the situation in the state, especially so, in the Kashmir Valley. “There are some youths in Kashmir who have strayed and have been radicalised. They think they can achieve their goal through guns. But the time is not far when even they will be convinced that neither the forces nor the militants will be able to achieve their goal,
    Then question comes why the government and army is not doing the same the reason is their own so called leaders just give a search for them on Google the people like Omar Abdullah ,Farooq abdulla,Sayed Ali sah Gilani,Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and the list doesn’t end here there is a long list not a single person seems real and truthfull to me as much as I listened to them till ,
    they only talk about kashmiriyat ,jamooriyat but nonetheless talk about improvement , development,and prosperity of Kashmir ,I condemn that the reason for such condition of kasmiri people is not due to any outside problem the problem is their own so called Masihas…
    By the way Kashmir +gilgit balishtan+Azad kashmir =Akhand kashmir ( something which can work in a way to solve further issues I hope ) ??

    1. Well, Shivansh you made a very strong point over here and that’s true.

      Every local politician is selling them the negativity & stuff which makes them feel that they are not INDIANS

      Plus when it comes to Militants as a My Personal Opinion I say that it’s just because of lack of opportunities that those young guys see start seeing these Terrorists as there Mashiah’s

      Govt. have to improvise the working structure, amend the laws & aware them that we’re with them not against them.

      Way of handling these issues should be fast & improvised

      I HOPE sooner or later things will happen in Kashmir Valley

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