Travel To Rajasthan In $50 For 2 Weeks….How?

Hello Guys,

The Response I got From you all In my Last Post Was Amazing.

So, I thought lemme WRITE A NEW ONE


Here it is

I Started my Rajasthan Trip on the 8th Of March 2020 & I came back home on 22nd March in the Morning.

Which lasted for 14 days, in which I covered 7 cities and spent on;y #30 [3700 Rupee]

Before Starting my Rajasthan Trip I started Posting on My Social Media Handles about the trip.

In the Image, I’m basically asking people to host me at their place for a night or 2

A few people shared the post which increased the post’s visibility & I got in touch with 2-3 guys from Rajasthan.

Basically the first few hooks of a chain got connected & for the next 14 days I went on to stay with friends of those friends.

[That’s How It Works In india]

Find a Friend in a City & He maybe have someone in the next city you’re heading towards & they can host you

It was a Very Simple Pattern for me to figure out


What’s that $100 Thing?


My Rajasthan trip was a Challenge for myself in which I Tried to show those students who just appeared in 12th Board Exams that you can travel Cheap.

As I was Traveling with just $100 in my Pocket


Almost 80-90% of the Students Don’t know what to choose as a career or even how to figure it out.

You guys might know that since I started traveling my opinions are vastly changed, something which eventually affected my behaviour.

Along with that, improvements in business/personal life also came.

And I’m advocating it If Students got to travel for 30-50 days after the Board Exams.

At least 50% of them will come back home with something that they would love to pursue in their life.

I want them to explore life:

  • Climb Mountains
  • Sleep at railway Stations
  • Stay In Slums
  • Observe Village Life
  • Go to Big Corporate Companies
  • Be a helping hand to Factory Workers
  • Travel In Train
  • Hitchhike
  • Work at a Farm
  • Spend Sleep-less nights
  • Have a 5 Rupee Tea

Most of them will be able to connect with the real-life & they’ll get a 360-degree view of it.

But as they’re students & they have budget issues


Basically I took the challenge to show those students that you can travel for 50 days in a tight budget & try to find that “One Thing” which you would like to do for the rest of your life.


I had to “STOP” my journey in the middle due to corona virus.

Although I was able to Complete 14 days in a budget of $50

Before showing you my Timeline I want to show you this

  1. Hitchhiking In Truck From Rewari until Sahapura [170 KMs]
Traveled In Rajasthan In $50 For 2 Weeks....How?

2. At Khatu Shyam Mandir In Rajasthan

Traveled In Rajasthan In $50 For 2 Weeks....How?

3. Traveling In a Train During my Rajasthan Trip

Traveled In Rajasthan In $50 For 2 Weeks....How?

4. When Total Strangers Became Friends In Just couple of Hours

Traveled In Rajasthan In $50 For 2 Weeks....How?

5. Meeting an Old Fakir At Ajmer Sharif Dargah

Traveled In Rajasthan In $50 For 2 Weeks....How?

6. The Family Who Lives In Sariska Forest Range with Tigers

Traveled In Rajasthan In $50 For 2 Weeks....How?

7. Tribal Community Of Rajasthan

Traveled In Rajasthan In $50 For 2 Weeks....How?

8. Found Old Version Of MySelf

9. Eating Famous Rajasthani Food Daal-Bhati Churma

Traveled In Rajasthan In $50 For 2 Weeks....How?

10. Found 65 Year Old Sword For my Next Battle haha

11. Found Another Poet In Alwar

Traveled In Rajasthan In $50 For 2 Weeks....How?

12. Quiet Peace-full Up Above the Hills

Traveled In Rajasthan In $50 For 2 Weeks....How?

13. I’m too good with my Pose Specially In a Royal Palace

Traveled In Rajasthan In $50 For 2 Weeks....How?

14. Move haha

Traveled In Rajasthan In $50 For 2 Weeks....How?

15. Eating World Famous Lemon Kachorri In Alwar

Traveled In Rajasthan In $50 For 2 Weeks....How?

16. My Visit to the Marble Powder Dump-Yard

Traveled In Rajasthan In $50 For 2 Weeks....How?

17. Sitting at “Marwar Junction” Railway Station

Traveled In Rajasthan In $50 For 2 Weeks....How?

As I told you I started my journey back on the 8th of March 2020 & it ended on 22nd of March [7 AM] on the “Janta Curfew” Day in India.

So, I hope now you’re ready to be bombarded with a lot of information coming your way.

Day 1

Done Hitchhiking For 250 KMs

Expenditure was 195 Indian Rupee [$3] and all of it was Travel Expenses apart from a 10 Rupee Chai [Tea]

I Went To a place name as “Khatu Shyam Ji” In Rajasthan

Almost 5-7 Million People visited the place just 2 days ago.

As a Cultural reference, It’s a Fair which takes place every year during March.

Apart from this I didn’t see anything much left over there

Day 2

I was ready for my next city which was “Pushkar” for the Holi Celebration.

I started my day by eating a Kochhori followed by a 20 KMs of Hitchhiking & I Spent like 265 Indian Rupee In Total & around 9 PM I was in Pushkar.

After changing 2 Different Trains & Using Ola Bike Services.

& In next 3 Hours I decided that I didn’t wanna to come back here in Pushkar ever in my Life.


I made a Video about it & You can watch it

Day 3

I Left Pushkar.

I went to Ajmer Sharif “The World Famous Dargah” and Spent 248 Rupees that day.

Although When I was in Dargah I met a Guy & Wrote a Short Story about him on my Facebook Profile.

Then I Went to the “Railway Station”, Picked my Bags from the locker room and Headed Towards Alwar with an Un-reserved Ticket in my hand.

After 5 minutes I found myself roaming around the railway station looking for a suitable place to sit & work.

Trains were available for Alwar but I didn’t want to go in the night otherwise I would have reached Jaipur in the middle of the night & I wouldn’t have any place to go other than a Hotel.

As you know I was on a Budget.

So, Couldn’t do that

Luckily I found a waiting room at the Railway Station but It was an “AC” waiting room.

Basically the people with confirmed or Waiting “AC Coach” Tickets can enter it.

I went in & a guy with grey hair and shaky hands stopped me.

I Request him & told what I’m doing as with “The $100 Challenge” & why I need this time to work and of course on the back of it to Save up a few Bucks.

& He agreed to help in exchange of Tea haha

So, Here’s the Story I wrote about him on Facebook.

It was 8 PM when I came in & I Left it at 2:30 AM

Day 4 & Day 5

In the morning I found myself walking from the Railway Station to the Bus Terminal as I was Leaving Jaipur For ThanaGazi In Alwar.

My Total Expenses were 180 Rupees on the 4th day because I was staying with one of my Vishal Bhai In ThanaGazi.

So, 5th Day I didn’t spent a Dime because Vishal Bhai didn’t let me.

Those 48 Hours were probably the best time I ever Spent with anybody.


Check these Story I Wrote on Facebook

I guess these are the things that a Text Book can’t teach you neither a human being can narrate it with the same exact feelings.

This is something which can only be lived.

Day 6

I left ThanaGazi for Alwar City.

The traveling cost was 60 Rupee from ThanaGazi to Alwar that’s all what I Spent that day.

In Alwar I Meet a Friend of Vishal’s Mr. Rajan

He hosted me at his place

And I was Lucky enough to Visit a Govt. School & Saw the study pattern

& How Govt. is helping those kids with mid-day meal.

Also, I must tell you about Rajan’s Dad.

He was one of the amazing personalities I have ever meet

As you see, I’m posing with his 65-Year-old Sword & he never lets his kids do that

I learnt a bit of Sword swinging that day also he was the guy who fought with his wife’s family on his marriage day.

It was a day with a lot of Stories & Ended well with a little show from his side where he was playing “PUNGI” [An Indian Instrument made of Goat’s Skin]

The same night he gifted 2 Pair of Socks & a Military dress which he kept for the last 20 years and he occasionally gives those stuff away to someone he likes as told my Mr. Rajan.

& This was Post which Mr. Rajan wrote about me on Facebook

Day 7

On the 7th day, we Visited a Private School that provides Free Education at 10 Locations across the country to the under privilege kids.

Thanks to Prem Sir [A Govt. School Teacher In Rajasthan] who was a friend of Mr. Rajan In Alwar.

As Mr. Rajan has to work today

So, I joined Prem Sir for a new Adventure along with his son & one of his Students.

We Went for trekking.

My Expenses were 200 Indian Rupee that day until I Reach Bharatpur [my next destination] to stay with Mr. Mahesh friend of Mr. Rajan

Where Mahesh’s Dad was worried that I might have “Corona Virus” as I had a Cold because of the Ice-Cream that I ate with Mr. Rajan last night.


But the night went well

Thanks to Mahesh’s Mom-Sister Who took Care of me by giving me back-to-back Tea which almost killed my Cold.

Day 8

Early in the morning after finishing my Tea & a walk with Mr. Mahesh to his agricultural field & after that we went on to see the “Fort of Bharatpur”

Basically the Fort Of Bharatpur Never got Invaded by the Britishers or the Mughal Emperors

[As they say]

After that we went on to Eat from a 100 year old famous shop “Devi Ram Ki Kachhori”

The Kachhori’s was Crispy, not much of spices & just cost 10 Rupee for a Plate.

After wandering around the city for a while we stopped at the “Railway Station” where I had to catch a train to Jaipur

8 PM is the time I finally reached Jaipur.

& For your information, I was staying with the brother’s of Prem Sir whom I Meet in Alwar If you Remember

Day’s Total was 218 Indian Rupee


Well, for the whole day I didn’t move a finger but in the evening I went out with Mr. Anand [the guy with beard] to see how Jaipur really looks at night.

Manage to see HawaMahal & Albert hall from Outside because the rest of the places were closed as per Govt. guidelines.

Spent almost 290 Rupee

Day 10

I started my day at 2:30 PM by saying GoodBye to everyone at the apartment where I was staying in Jaipur.

& Also Finally Started filming after almost 48 hours.

A Policeman at the Railway Station told me that you can’t film yourself & If you do so you’ll be sentenced for 5 Years.

I was Flabbergasted

Multiple emotions were running through my blood haha


After having a coffee, helping a guy who lost his wallet & talking to a lot of strangers on “Railway Station” I caught my train sharp at 9:35 PM.

Well It was around 1:30 AM

I Reached Kota in Rajasthan

Where I didn’t have anything to do

Also, there a Train on station which was about to leave for “Udaipur” In next 10 Minutes

& I only had those 10 Minutes to Decide what to do.

Guess What?

DAY 11,12,13,14

Next day In Morning precisely at 8 AM I found alot of dogs barking at me on the Streets because I was In Udaipur.

Next 4 days I didn’t keep a count of Money but I spent the rest of it during these 4 days.

& This was for the first time I was staying at a Commercial Place [Hostel] during this “$100 Challenge”

This was the only picture I took in Udaipur.

Experience was amazing so were the dogs

The next day I hopped on a Bus for “Amet” In Rajsamand District [Rajasthan] to Stay In One of my Subscriber’s Village.

Before you Imagine something Let me tell you this

She watched my videos & liked them also everyone in her family knows about me including her father & mother.

She got married in February….She Invited me but unfortunately I couldn’t able to make it


Now, when I’m going to her village she is not there because she is with her Husband back home in Gujrat.

I Stayed there for 2 Nights

Her Family was soo welcoming

Her Brother showed me around the Village

I got to Learn the process of marble making during my visit & look here I’m standing on a Marble powder waste dump-yard

I was Flabbergasted when her father offered me “Whisky”

They told it’s a traditional thing there for the Rajput’s to offer “Whisky” to a guest even they do the same thing in the marriage.

The Bride offers “Whisky” to the “Groom”

So, me being me I didn’t reject & even if I wanted to


The next day I caught a Train for “Marwar Junction” from where I would be going back home.

On the way, I saw some splendid views because it was the “Goram Ghat” area of Rajasthan

“What’s Your Caste” ??

These are the words I heard from the left side in the train where a 17-year-old kid was sitting

& I Replied him with this

As If I was sitting on the “Marwar Junction” Railway Station the station master came-by & asked me where I’m heading towards.

I Co-operated & told him about my Journey and Thanked him for being that aware about the current situation

I boarded the train at 5:45 PM

It was around 7 PM

I was sitting quietly & just looking at the hills, ground & the other things including the music from the moving train sound which made sense at that time

I Wrote a POEM

& Here it is

The next day I saw an empty railway station, people sleeping on the street in huge numbers, a few vehicles running on the road & I’m sitting in a truck to reach back home.

At 8 AM I was at my home


To be honest with you all I don’t know how to conclude it

Because In my Opinion Journey doesn’t have an end until it’s done without a purpose

What I have learned from my recent experience that it only takes a few steps in the right direction to do something remarkable or rememberable

So, I would request you to take 1 step at a time & keep moving forward until finding your own way to reach the clouds & beyond

By the way, I’m looking forward to the comment box for your feedback

& Share the story with a friend If you think it’s worth sharing 🙂


Live your Life! Live your Dream!

But even before that find it out what’s your Life & What’s your dream

Because Usually we sit at home & dream but in reality that’s just a Imagination because dreams have reality associated with them.

& To know the reality have to know the world.


My Name is Rahul Sihmar & I'm a Social Media Branding Consultant, Explorer & Pragmatic Human Being. I'm documenting my Journey & Sharing the outcomes via my Blog, YouTube, Instagram & Twitter.

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