Why Rape Happens In India?? #MyOpinion

Today I was watching a Bollywood movie name as “THAPPAD” [Slap]

The basic storyline is

A House-wife slapped by her Husband & she filed a Divorce case against him while she was pregnant.

Basically an act of shamelessness & domestic violence by her husband.

It was a “SLAP” which lead to end of a marriage.

& You know what I was carrying a thought in my mind since the last 5 months that on the grass-root level what are the main reason’s that why rape happens??


It’s just a word but the meaning & when it comes to action is dreadful.

Something which you can’t even Imagine

& don’t get me wrong this word is for both men & women because “RAPE” can happen with anyone.

[An act of barbaric mentality & Feeling of illness]

Above shown image is something which you don’t search randomly on Google but it’s the blind & dark reality of this new young India.

The other day I was sitting outside my house and I was watching kids playing together.

It was pretty meditating to see them & I couldn’t stop myself.

So, I Joined them

& as I joined them I got to know that 2 of them were girls.

[Which was basically normal]

Than I asked myself for how long they can do that?

I mean play together.

MIND: said probably until they are 10 year old

HEART: said probably as long as they want too

Luckily, I got to ask this from one of their parent

Why teenagers don’t hangout together in this locality?

When they were kids they use to play together but now as they are teenagers they can’t


& as it happens in India If you questions someone & if they don’t know the answer


Either you’ll be avoided completely or you’re a fool

or If given a chance they answer

They will say “IT’S NOT IN OUR CULTURE”

which doesn’t prove anything at all.

even if you try asking WHY?

Again you’ll be avoided or called “FOOL” & eventually, you have to accept it in the end

Because they’re the majority haha

Gandhiji Said that,

The way to India’s development goes from Indian Villages

Mahatma Gandhi

So, I went down to a Village and ask them the same thing again & not to my surprise the answers were the same even some of them were way worst them the once I got in my neighborhood.


So, after all this I thought maybe my approach of asking them or someone else was wrong.

Let me start from the basics

CASE -1:

I Started writing my life events.

  • As a kid, I used to play with Girls
  • But I was asked to stop at a Certain age & it was my parents who did that
  • So, I thought they will teach me about something special about girls but it didn’t happen
  • Neither my school nor my parents no one taught me anything about girls [How to behave with them, How to Respect them etc.]
  • The sitting pattern for boys & girls were different in school even.
  • I was always hanging out with boys
  • No Talk about Girls was allowed at home neither me having a girlfriend was allowed
  • Basically the world taught me everything apart from this
  • Then one day my friend showed me “PORN VIDEO” & I got to know about Girls more in that

NOW: My perception about girls was that you can only use them for one thing [the one I saw in that porn video]

Now, I see girls as an Object.

CASE -2:

On the other hand I was analysing activities done by my mom.

  • She wake up cook food for us & do this in the afternoon as well as in the evening
  • Apart from that If she needs to buy anything she has to ask my Father first

That’s it.

NOW: I see women as someone who cooks food & can’t do anything against the wish of there husband

Also, all this happens after marriage

& trust me this is not only me most of the young generation in India only got to see this [Case -1 & Case -2]


When you only got to know about a girl/women from a “PORN VIDEO”


Will you be able to teach yourself how to behave infront a girl when you’re alone with her?

Or How to Respect a girl?


You won’t be able to do that.



Why can’t we teach all this to our kids?

Why can’t we teach all this in our schools from very beginning?

Why can’t we have a seminar or online classes on “How to Respect a Women” ??

& Why can’t we even treat both [Man & Women] same at any given age

In India I have seen many parents telling their daughter “How to behave in Public” & What to wear/What not to


I haven’t seen a single parent teaching there son How to behave or be polite or respectful to a girl.



In India,

We don’t have North India or South India

We have Kaale Loog [Black People] & Goore Loog [White People]


That White & Black Narrative not only destroying United States But it’s the main cause of many mainstream activities in India

[Most of them are behind the scenes]

1st thing you got to know about a girl from a “PORN VIDEO”

2nd She is White

3rd She is Alone

4th ………………………… [The Dreadful Act Can Happen]

& Most of the cases don’t even need 2nd & 3rd thing that 1st thing is more than enough for those animals.

ohh Sorry

Animals are much better than them and we can’t compare animals with them

That’s what every normal guy would say but you know what

Have you ever thought ABOUT IT



Although I Completely agree to some people who’ll say that you can’t teach all of them.

But at-least we can save 30-40% Young guys in Village area or even in the rural area like mine by educating them about Women & Who she is

I Strongly advocate the decision of hanging the rapists


Can’t we even put a full stop to the Rapist Producing Mentality of the Society ??


I went to multiple countries and I saw that how they treat women

How they respect them

For them she is not just an Object But another “HUMAN BEING”

Who deserve everything as same as the other human being

This is what about which we have to “AWARE” people


Neither I’m a Policy Maker nor a Activist

But the only solution that I see here is


Not only in the school but by the family as well

Peace 🙂

NOTE: This Article was based on my thoughts & thinking. Also RAPE is RAPE I’m not trying to divide it based on the color here but on the grass-root Level I saw it’s a Problem that’s why I putted it here


My Name is Rahul Sihmar & I'm a Social Media Branding Consultant, Explorer & Pragmatic Human Being. I'm documenting my Journey & Sharing the outcomes via my Blog, YouTube, Instagram & Twitter.

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  1. Trupti

    Even most of the children ( boy n girl) also become the victim of child abuse… Which also creates problem during their growth…
    Like you even I would suggest that this should also be a subject during school and parents should also teach their children, which is for betterment of their own children..

    1. That’s a valuable point trupti and as I Mentioned everything already that the school & home-based education are a necessity for this 🙂

  2. Aayush aman

    You are right brother.
    Keep it up

  3. Amit Babu

    Good blog Bhiaya

  4. Reena Narwal

    A girl is not an object…and perception of people is really painful for a girl as she do everything for her family…so many sacrifices…so many suppressed dreams behind her responsibilities…but this is that she gets in return…a girl is treated as a machine…she will earn,do the household work,care all the family members but not allowed to express herself… nobody is there for her…everyone has his own expectations…if she fulfills all,fine but if she doesn’t, she’s useless…but what about HER EXPECTATIONS?

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