Why Russia Deported Me [Indian]?

On the 6th of June 2019, I landed at SVO Moscow Airport with one of my friends after a 10 Hour layover at Sharjah Airport.

Well, within next couple of minutes I Found myself standing infront of the Immigration Counter.

[After giving my passport to the immigration officer]

He asked.

What’s your name? I said “Rahul” as mentioned in the passport

Then, He said when you’ll leave Russia? I said on 20th of June 2019

to which he said show me your return tickets?

[Showed him in the mail on my phone & I gave the phone to my friends on the other side of the line. So he can also show the tickets as I booked them for both of us]

He stamped my passport & gave it back to me

Before moving forward let me show you some of the pictures that we took on that trip

Entry doors are open now for ME


on the other side, where my friend was standing in the line.

The Immigration Officer called another officer

She took his passport & said follow me

[Which He Did]

The next thing I saw is him sitting in a room which I can see from the other side of Immigration Door

I mean from the legal Russian land haha

As I was waiting since last 3 hours just behind the Immigration Panel.

One Person approached me & said

Are you Mr. Rahul, friend of Punit?

I said, Yes

He Said, can you show me his hotel bookings?

I said he has my phone, can you get it back?

So, I can show you the hotel bookings.

He walked without saying anything

He came back again after 30 Minutes & said can I see your passport?

I gave him my Passport & then he said Follow me

I Followed him & the next I saw I was sitting in the same room with my friend and 2 other Indians.

We waited there for about 20 Minutes then a guy came-in & said follow me

We Followed him

& We found ourselves sitting in a room full of people from other nationalities

It was like sounded by dard clouds on a bright sunny day

We still didn’t had any idea

  • where we are?
  • why we are?
  • what do we do wrong?
  • what we?

Well the room was like a small prison inside of an airport with all 3 walls covered & a glass on the 4th wall.

After watching this video you’ll get an idea of how it was inside there


Still remains


We waited long enough inside that room until 2 other Indians came-in

Actually they were coming all the way from Armenia but they were Indians as they have the Indian Passport

For the context of the story let me tell you that those were the guys who wanted to enter United States ill-legally as they told us that they’re trying it for the 5th time in a row

Trust me, the world moved out under my feet

I heard it for the 1st time

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ill-legal Immigration or You can call it ill-legally smuggling humans

They explained it all & we got the basic idea of it that what those Immigration Officers were thinking at that time.

Now, you might be thinking about it that whats the connection of deporting them back from russia while they wanted to go to United States?

Well, as these ill-legal guys told us that they will be going to Saint Petersberg

As they have contacts there who will get them a Fake Russian Passport & They can board a flight for Mexico as the Russians Only need an “ETA” to enter Mexico.

It does seems like a great plan.


Even before the process begins they were stopped to enter russia.

& Probably the Immigration officers thought that we were also trying to do the same.


That’s a big trap in which sometime innocent like Me & My Friend get caught

Although, It was a satisfaction to know that actually why they probably did this to us.

Otherwise we’ll be wandering around for a while without knowing an actual answer.

& not only this those ill-legal guys told us alot about the other ways people go ill-legally to Europe & United States

For the 1st time after the conversation with those guys, I have heard about this word Name as “Donkey Visa” Or “Donkey Entry”

Rest of the night I spent pretending like I’m Sleeping but there are a couple of things which happened during the night time

  • The sun sets at 10 PM & rises in the morning at 3 AM
  • I felt un-comfortable there because there was no proper ventilation & They called the Doctor
  • The food came-in & we ate it
  • We saw a couple of guys going-out from the room
  • Some were there since last 3 days

Next day around 2:30 PM they called our names & we went out of that room with them.

They took us to the screening room & then to the plane.

[We were 6 people from India in that plane]

It was a flight from Moscow To Sarjah

In Sarjah, Thives of “Air Arabia” took extra $700 Per person from us to take us back home.

Landed In “New Delhi” around 3 AM

The whole night I was watching videos regarding “Donkey Visa” haha

The first thing I did after landing is asked the guy on the airport that “Why they Deported Us” ??

As I didn’t have an Answer yet but they’re like the same

Clueless as we’re

Trust me that day I understand what’s the difference between Marketing & Ground work when it comes to the govt. policies

I have seen this “Russia-India” friendship going on air all day long

Even I use to appreciate them.


In reality, They deported Indians who still don’t even know what was the reason for them being deported from Russia?

On New Delhi airport itself,

I found 2 guys one was like 45 years old & the other one was like 17 years old both of them get caught in Paris while flying ill-legally with any Visa.

Well I also told the same story in this video If you would like to watch it

Even at a point we wanted to sue the “Russians” as we lost our money in the trip

After reading alot about it

I draw the conclusion that most people with “Punjab & Haryana” as there state on the Passport will definitely going to face issues In Europe, USA & other parts of the world.

Even some are already facing it.

So, I was back home by 8th of June 2019 after visiting 3 Cities, 3 Countries & loosing almost $2k in the run haha

Give it a try someday guys haha

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I’m not saying it that don’t & ask people questions on the Immigration but at-lest when you decide to deport them at-least treat them like humans.

& Try to figure out a better way to stop ill-legal Immigration

Just because my friend is a Doctor in a Village and wearing normal formal clothes while traveling as well doesn’t mean that he don’t have money or he’s trying to enter ill-legally in your country.

Stop Judging people you Immigration Pricks

Just find a better way to tackle this ill-legal Immigration thing

That’s all from Today’s Blog

Hope you got to Learn something & you do

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  1. Neeraj Kashyap

    That’s the worst thing about our society that they think if somebody is wearing simple clothes then he/she doesn’t have money, you cannot judge someone like this. They people don’t know how hurtful it can be maybe not for that person but for their loved ones who are with them at that. Big bro, you are talking about an international trip and you cannot imagine that I witnessed this in Indian train when I was traveling from Dehradun to my home city Moradabad where few people was treating a person(who is not good in his appearance) like he’s from a different planet. That person has confirmed seat beside me. I talked to him and I was like, I straight forwarded ask him that don’t you feel bad about how they talked to you. He replied me “bhaiya hum kya kar sakte he, logo ka kaam bolna hi he hum sabse nahi lad sake ” with a big smile. I was like that’s the spirit man.

    1. It’s true people judge you by your appearance with sucks big time & we can’t ignore the fact that at a point of time we have also done the same.

      & When it comes Immigration Officers in various countries this shit happens almost all the time

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